As mentioned in the September SFO News, Fr. Don Blaeser, OFM was transferred to a new assignment and, as such, was no longer able to continue serving as our Regional Spiritual Assistant. Our Region has been working to fill this position, and we’re happy to announce that Br. Joe Middleton, OFM has been appointed as our new Regional Spiritual Assistant.

Having previously served as Regional Spiritual Assistant for the St. Clare Regional Fraternity, Br. Middleton has much experience in this role. Since his transfer four years ago to St. Peter’s in Chicago, he has worked with several local fraternities in our Region (most recently St. Francis-St. Louis Fraternity in Chicago), and has been the friar who subbed most often for Fr. Blaeser when he was unable to attend visitations or elections. In the November SFO News, Br. Middleton will share more about his life and his relationship with the Secular Franciscan Order.

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